Soap and water

Germs are every where, this is true. Everything we touch has germs on it. But there is one place where germs seem to be on the mind: the restroom. 

So if you use the restroom, why not be considerate of others?  Wash your hands.

Perhaps you might not think you have a reason to wash them, but is washing going to be in any way detrimental to you?  It is certainly the considerate thing to do for those who have to open the door after you. If you are wary of germs on the faucets, would a container of hand sanitizer make it less worrisome?

Regardless of the arguments for or against hand washing, this seems like a common point of consideration of others, and an easy one to enact.


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2 thoughts on “Soap and water

  1. Hand sanitizer is nice, but I worry about substituting it in place of proper hand-washing. I was at an event this summer where there wasn’t a whole lot of soap around (4 days of outdoor living), but many people carried hand sanitizer. And the event was swept by an epidemic of norovirus that completely ruined it for nearly everybody.

    The problem is that while soap and water will wash any pathogen off of your hands, hand sanitizer will not kill them all. It’s good at killing bacteria, but not so much at virii. So really please, let’s just wash our hands.

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