Amicable Allegory #2: The return of kindness

I just love it when being nice rewards people!

Today was just such a day. Nothing was particularly bad or good about today–it was just one of those days when I had a lot to do on a list that continually gets bigger. My Fubby (future hubby) and I had just left the wake of an good acquaintance and had decided to pick up supper. I had a $10 gift card I was itching to spend. When I was called to the register, I quickly noted that the young woman waiting on me seemed to be in that usual daze from waiting on too many nameless, faceless people. So I asked, smiling at her warmly, “How are you?”  A huge smile came across her face and she replied, “I’m good. And you?” I said I was great. Then Jamie (I got her name before I left) said  how wonderful it was to have someone cheerful and nice in her line after such a bad day. I said, “I know what you mean. And most people just get weirded out with how friendly I am–it’s nice for someone to appreciate it. In fact, I made an entire blog on the subject of being nice.” She thought that was great, so I offered her my card with the Be Nice. logo on it. She said she needed 300,000 of those to pass out! I was so enthused to have a stranger be so appreciative of being nice!

That is where the reward is: when someone shows appreciation for the little nice things you do! It’s great!!!! And, what was a big surprise: Jamie was so excited by my cheerfulness on a rather tough work day, that she gave us our meal for free. I couldn’t have asked for such a kind gesture, but I was surely grateful.

Jamie is an outstanding example of what kindness can do: when someone greeted her with a smile and a cheerful hello, she noticed it despite her bad day, and returned the kindness with verbal appreciation(and with even greater vigor and generosity).  The free food was just a splendid bonus. The real value came in her genuine response.

I am so grateful and feel very rewarded. It’s people like Jamie who remind me what Be Nice. is all about!


© Be Nice. Creator and Be Nice. (, 2008-2009.

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