Amicable Allegory #3: ER Experience

Nice people do make dubious days better.

My fiance and I were at the ER last Monday (the beginning of a long hospital stay and the second ER trip in four days), and after an hour wait, we were escorted to a bed in the hallway where we were to spend another four hours. 

As we waited for my fiance’s turn to be treated, a registration lady came around to take his information. Her name was Cynthia. I imagine many people in her position would have a lot of stressful days: working in an ER, talking with distraught people who may or may not have health insurance….  But Cynthia was just wonderful. As soon as I smiled at her, she was equally as delightful. We chatted and joked and had a great time while she took in my Fubby’s information. Even after she had finished helping us, we would exchange little jokes when she passed by. When I mentioned that I hadn’t eaten that day, she got me packs of graham crackers and a few cans of juice to tide me over until I could go to the cafeteria. This meant so much to me on a day that held a lot of surprises and unfortunate and unplanned events.

It’s people like Cynthia, who do thoughtful little things to help other people, that make a tremendous difference in a person’s day.


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