Amicable Allegory #6: Kindness and enthusiasm

The other day I brought some Be Nice. pamphlets and postcards to Stuyvesant Photo while I also picked up some bulbs and batteries. My normal gal, Jen, was out that day, but working behind the counter were two other wonderful employees: Pete and Kim. I asked if I could put my stuff on their table in the entry way and they were thrilled! They loved the materials and got a real kick out of them. Pete said, “Hey! I do some of these things already.” That is something I hope a lot of people will say when they read those pamphlets. In addition to being a gentle reminder of things we can all improve, it is also an acknowledgement of things we do already! Kim went into the back and brought out clear plastic display stands and put the Be Nice. postcard into it so it would be more catchy in the entryway!  He then gave me another for use somewhere else. It was so generous and kind of him!

What was even better was the conversation that grew from that exchange. They were very curious about where I was from (Iowa), and what had brought me to Albany. They had very lively stories about their experiences with courtesy. We spoke about my art work, and Pete had awesome suggestions of resources to check out.

Every day I reach out to talk with other people, I benefit in some way. The principles of being nice and courteous really do make a heap of difference in our daily lives when acted on regularly!



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3 thoughts on “Amicable Allegory #6: Kindness and enthusiasm

  1. Hey!

    I just wanted to say that I came across your pamphlets and stuff in Stuyvesant Photo yesterday…I was intrigued and just had to check it out. And I totally agree…a little kindness every day really makes a difference. Keep up the work! 🙂

  2. I love this story. There’s so much richness in the experience of being kind and generous. That small interaction you had planted so many seeds that will grow. You gave those folks an opportunity to be kind and generous which they took. Seed planted. They went out of the way to help you. Seed planted. Everyone got to experience and feel the joyfulness of being kind. It’s the perfect story to illustrate how small kindnesses improve out quality of life. Thanks for Sharing.

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