Be Nice has a URL! Woo!

This probably WAY overdue (okay, it is. I admit it.), but finally people can find the Be Nice. blog using the old address and they can also now find it using the URL!  I’m really happy about this, and have long researched what would be the best way to have a custom URL for the blog. I had originally thought of designing a whole new webpage that would take over the blog and leave WordPress completely, but ultimately I was afraid of losing readers that were linked into the blog here and I really enjoy the community here at WordPress.  So I am happy to report, I am staying right here and you can find me the old way or the new (more memorable) way!

Next up: TWITTER. Yup, I’m joining twitter land–even though, like blogging was to me 2 years ago, I have no idea what I’m getting into! I’ll let you know when that addition happens!

And of course, pardon my laziness the past month, but I will have an actual post (not just a video link!) coming soon!

I want to hear your thoughts! Please share....

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