More time for what matters

I short while ago, I wrote a post about the demands of employers on their workers, such as expecting salaried employees to work regular 50 to 75 hour weeks. In an article written for Yes! Magazine, Juliet Schor shared an interesting perspective on why working less can make the hugest difference in one’s life. I particularly enjoyed her correlation between overworking and a need for more processed food, higher energy consumption, increased waste, and more expenditures. Are you finding yourself in that lifestyle (the hour commute each way, the take-out dinners)? Schor offers some easy actions to alleviate this dilemma, as well as terrific insights. I hope you will read the article.

And an argument for employers: imagine how much more dedicated, passionate, and energetic your workers would be if they felt they had quality of life aside from their jobs? I’d like to see thirty-two or thirty-six work weeks lasting four days! Any takers? 😉

I want to hear your thoughts! Please share....

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