Not guilty about poopy

Just waking up this morning, and I discovered a cool blog from Kripalu. If you haven’t heard of Kripalu, it is this amazing yoga center in western Massachussetts. I went there with my good friend Raeanne and had one of the most relaxing, pleasant days of my year. You can read Raeanne’s experience about Kripalu here. A quick synopsis of my experience there: yummy food, sauna, outdoors, relaxation, free classes. In the mountains. Super friendly people. Amazing.

Having “liked” their page on Facebook, I spotted a nice little post on positive thinking on the Kripalu blog. This article argues that blindly positive thinking is not necessarily good. I have to agree. If something is not great, it’s important to let yourself feel not great. Just don’t feel that way forever, the article says. You have to move past those feelings to something better.

Let’s be honest – doesn’t it feel ‘good’ to feel like crap sometimes? There are moments where I am on a roll with the crying, or in a really awesome angry moment, and someone comes in ruins it. My sister tells me I’m cute when I cry. Dammit! Now I’m laughing. My husband tells me my face turns into the most extreme cartoon versions of angry when I’m mad. Seriously?! Now I am smiling. Ug. They ruin my good angry and sad moments – just when I am really getting into it, coddling my little whiny ego, and really letting loose on the inner dialogue that blames everyone for my frustrations. But of course deep down I’m grateful. Staying angry, hateful, or sad for too long is a total downer. I’m no fun to be around, and I really find myself annoying after a while. But it doesn’t change the fact that feeling those emotions is essential to releasing them for good.

I’d recommend reading this article “Think… Negative?” – takes just a few minutes – by Alyssa Giacobbe. The next time you feel poopy, you might not feel so guilty about it.



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