Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 13

Don't Curse! by Kye

Kye wrote: “Viewers can learn that I may have a little bit of a cursing problem. That is why my message says, ‘Don’t Curse.’ I didn’t use a number line because it made things more difficult for me. My message is something I would like to be able to achieve.”

I can totally relate to this one Kye! I think a lot of people struggle to avoid cursing, and I’m definitely one of them! Awesome job on your piece, it looks wonderful!

Focus, by Asa

“Viewers can tell many things about me by my cross-stitching. They can tell I need to focus, because I wrote FOCUS. On the one I thought was the best I didn’t use a number line.”

It takes a tremendous amount of focus to do cross stitch Asa, and you did a great job, so I think you’re well on your way to achieving your goal! Well done!

Don't be loud! by Lily

“I am loud and that was something I felt I needed to work on (out of other “flaws”).”

I bet you could fill a whole sheet with things about you that are great characteristics, too, Lily. Like, a fantastic new cross-stitcher! Awesome work!

Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 12

Take a Chance, by Muse

“The story behind my work is this: I’m always too afraid to take a chance. I try most of the time to go unnoticed in crowds and such. When Ms. Anita* told us to cross-stitch a message we were learning, ‘Take a Chance’ came to mind. Now whenever I look at it I feel braver and stronger. I added the picture of a bird to it because birds are free to fly and they take advantage of that by being brave. I want to be a bird.”

Muse, this work turned out great! Well done. It is hard to take a chance, you are right. I hope that whenever you do, the very best results are yours!

(*Teacher’s last name removed for teacher/student privacy.)

Calm Down, by Ciarra

Ciarra wrote: “Viewers can learn that when I get upset I make bad decisions, so when I am upset I have to take a moment to say, ‘Calm down.’ I did make a number line to help me with my cross stitching.”

This is a great mantra to live by Ciarra. The outline with the letters is terrific! I especially like the boat–what an excellent icon to remind us of something “calm,” like calm waters. You did a great job! 🙂

Smile and Read, by Mayra

This is really nice work Mayra. And it’s two of my favorite things to do! 🙂

Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 11

Speak up and out, by Celina

“My story is that cross-stitching this message really gave me the courage to speak up. When I started this, I was running for Student Council Treasurer and was practicing my speech. Although I didn’t win, I practiced my public speaking. Also, on the last day I worked on the Aida cloth, I gave props at circle to Jessica O. for giving me the same colored string (variegated red) from her baggie for my cross-stitching. I felt more confident after giving props.”

You should be so proud of yourself Celina for your achievements! I bet your speech was awesome, and it is so great you showed “thanks” to Jessica O. for her generosity. Way to go! 🙂

Practice PEMDAS, by Byron

I had to look up “pemdas” do find out what it meant. I’ve been out of math too long apparently! It means: “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.” (per wiki:) It is an official anagram standing for the parentheses, exponent, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction order of the mathematical order of operations.

Good luck Byron on your PEMDAS! And nice work on your cross stitch!

Kayla, sleep. by Kayla

“At the time I was doing this project, I was not getting enough sleep so I chose this message. I made a number line but it didn’t help me. People can learn from viewing my piece that I’m persistent.”

This piece turned out really well Kayla, nice job! I hope you’ve caught up on your Z’s!

Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 10

In Spanish, translates to "The Time is Now," by Isoke

“From my cross stitch personal message project, viewers can learn that I’m working on my time management. As I continued with my project I made additions to my pattern and decided to keep my number line on my aida cloth. My number line helped me with my letters especially because it was in Spanish. Working on this helped me change the way I think about time. I am more constant with my time now.”

This is great Isoke! Time management is a skill everyone has to learn at some point, especially for college. You will be very well-practiced by the time you get to college someday (what an advantage that will be, trust me!)!  Well done! 🙂

Follow your dream, by Ruby

This is a fantastic affirmation Ruby–and it is a beautiful piece of work too! I followed my dream, and haven’t regretted it yet! 🙂 Nice work!

Live 'n' Learn, by Wells

This looks great Wells! Wonderful job, and a great motto, too!

Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 9

In Arabic, translates to "Wash away your sins." by Aishah

Aishah wrote: “What viewers can learn about me from my cross-stitch is that it took me 3 tries to just start it. I followed my pattern. I had to erase and redraw it about 80 times just to make it correct. I made a number line to help me with counting it helped me so it would be easier. I was 2 weeks behind everyone but it’s for the good of it. My attitude changed while doing this because at first I kept saying, ‘I can’t. It’s too hard.’ But, then [my teacher*] would encourage me, like always, and helped me a lot. Without [Ms. Anita*] I didn’t think I could do it. I want to thank [my teacher*]  for helping me. Everyone in the class helped out, encouraged me to do this and it looks beautiful.”

Aishah this turned out beautifully! You should be so proud of your achievement! Your perseverance and dedication is incredibly admirable.

(*Name removed to keep the students and teacher private.)

Never give up, by Gary

Gary wrote: “I chose this message because usually, when I don’t understand something, I give up (like this project). But when I keep at it, I get better and better. That is what happened when I did my cross-stitching.”

Nice job Gary! Your dedication really paid off–this turned out marvelously!

Use you voice! Love. by Emily

“People can learn that I need to use my voice more often. I didn’t make a number line because I thought that I really didn’t need it. My attitude changed because now in all of my classes I’m really starting to talk more!”

Nice work Emily! This turned out great, and the colors are very nicely coordinated! I’m sure your teachers are excited to hear your input in class–keep it up. Well done!

Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 8

Dogs and Turtles Don't Get Along, by Kaya

I loved the edging and colors on this piece–they are really well coordinated! And the message is very funny–I wonder what story goes with this phrase? Very interesting Kaya!

Don't be stupid, by Joshua

Joshua wrote: “Sometimes I do stupid things that aren’t the right thing to do. So, I stitched ‘Don’t Be Stupid,’ because I don’t want to get in trouble nor do stupid things for others and myself. I want to be me—and a good person at the same time. I started my cross-stitching and the back looked horrible and the letters weren’t in the right place. My mom saw it and she took the whole thing out. I was mad but it paid off. She helped me a lot.”

It’s funny Joshua, my first embroideries looked pretty awful too on the back, and cross stitching to a pattern isn’t easy! Once I had to redo a section 3 times (it took me 10 hours to do a little 1 x 1 inch area!), but in the end it was worth it. And sometimes our “mistakes” end up really working out in the end. I’m glad you like the result of your project, and I like your story–especially the part where you want to be good and you. It’s easy to feel like we need to change everything about ourselves when we do something silly (happens to me ALL the time), but I like that you see the value in who you are. Nice work!

Keep calm, by Anne

“Viewers can learn that I get mad at my sister and parents. I know I should stay calm but I find it hard. I am a perfectionist. Some might notice this in my stitching. I used cool colors to make my project look calm. I think the message I chose was a good message for me—and that a lot of people have agreed. : ) ”

This is a really well done piece Anne, I can see why you’re proud of it! It takes a lot of patience and calm to do cross-stitch, so I bet you are well on your way to reaching your goal! 😉

Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 7

Don't be late! by Kiara

Kiara wrote: “Viewers can learn that at one point I was frequently late to school and other things. I followed my pattern but I didn’t make a number line. The irony about this piece is while I’ve stopped being late to school, I was late completing this project.”

That is truly ironic! Don’t forget to give yourself credit though Kiara–being on time to school regularly is a great achievement, and you did finish the project, which is excellent!

Leader not a follower, by Avery

This is really well done, and a great attitude to have. Not following others and being true to yourself is a very brave thing to do! I can’t wait to see what Avery does in the future!

Smile, by Ariella

Ariella wrote: “When I used to walk in the art room, there was a clear sign I didn’t want to be there. I had completely closed my mind and didn’t want to do anything. I remember needing a lot of extra help to actually learn how to cross stitch. Now, reflecting on my project, I realize that although it might not have seemed like I was positive and persistent — I actually was. I asked for extra help instead of just staring at the ceiling with my fake cry. I deserve to have a grin on my face when I look back at everything I have done and how far I have come. That’s why MY MESSAGE IS ‘SMILE.’  ”

That is awesome Ariella! You totally deserve to be smiling–this is a great piece. AND cross stitch is hard, so everyone should feel extra good about what they’ve accomplished!