My best moments happen in bathrooms

I’ve always had my best ideas, solved my biggest problems, and experienced some of my greatest emotional highs and lows in the bathroom. Heck, even my favorite room to clean as a kid was the bathroom (I loved making things shiny). I’m sort of, oddly, proud of this fact. Not exercising. Not church. Nope. The bathroom. Was it fate I’d make the Guide to Farting and Pooping?…?

I think someone once said, in a movie or something, that it was the only place they were ever truly alone. I would say it’s because not only am I alone, but I am in a pause. Whether I’m doing my hair, showering, or doing my business, in that spaced out, restful moment my brain takes a break from running its little motor and lulls. Pop! Solution!Ding! Awesome idea!Ug! Finally! I can let my feelings out!

As I wrote recently, I’m trying to create more “idleness” in my life by being less busy with my multitude of self-imposed unimportant tasks. It’s my attempt to add some value into the parts of my life that matter most to me, so that I’m happier and stuff. So imagine my delight when my lovely friend Raeanne shared a great article about that very sort of issue on her Facebook page! Good timing, huh? Somewhere in there, I was reminded about my love of the bathroom for great mental epiphanies. I wonder if you will know where?

Oh, and let me know if your best moments happen in bathrooms, too. I know you’re out there!


Here’s the story. Worth the read.