Unemployment sucks, say 14 million people

Unemployment. It is everywhere and we hear about it every day on the news. For the unfortunate many, it is reality. Seldom do we hear good news. And on the days there is good news, we are always bracing ourselves for bad news to make its triumphant return.

Then, imagine my happiness this evening to see a positive newscast on employment! The CBS feature not only indicated a tiny glimmer of hope, it actually showed results–people are being hired! Yay! We all need a little pick me up, don’t you think? In the CBS video we learn about one man’s efforts to employ people in his town, through his foundation Hire Just One. The founder’s story, Gene Epstein, is heartening to any listener, but even more is his goal of helping employ people, one job at a time. Take a moment, and watch the feature by clicking here. (You can read the related article, Millionaire’s One-Man Stimulus Plan a Success here.)

Every once in a while, we are reminded that it really can take one person, one decision, one action, to change our reality. If we all made one choice like this, just imagine the strides our society could make toward repairing our economy! So if you are a small business owner, or you know someone who owns a business, why not tell them about this foundation and its ideas? Who knows the effect your suggestion might have in your community!

Find out more about Hire Just One at their website.

Image from HireJustOne.org