Giving, getting…

It can be irritating around December-time. How can it be fun to find just the right gift for your loved-one when you have to deal with the frantic crowds on the roadways rushing to the malls, the cranky people having come from the traffic now madly navigating through the stores, and the frustrated over-worked employees helping all those “negative Nancy’s”?

What really gets some folks this time of year is the constant requests for charity. There are people who really hate the bell ringers and the appeals. Luckily, I haven’t had the misfortune of running into too many of them!  But it is hard not to see the darker side of what is supposedly the “giving” season.

During this time of year, try to focus on a feeling of pride for our society for having so many charities. It is unfortunate that people suffer and cannot fully provide for themselves, but isn’t it great that there are so many who make it a point to organize and help those struggling people? That is special, rare… and one of the best bits of human nature. Take a moment to be grateful that we are exempt from needing that assistance. Indeed, many of us are blessed enough to be giving gifts to our families and friends this time of year!  

But even still, we all (hopefully) have the privilege of being surrounded by the warmth of loved ones–the whole reason for these gift-exchanges in the first place! We are lucky enough to be met with awesome individuals who spend their spare time ringing a bell, running a marathon in the brisk cold, or giving their money or time to philanthropic organizations. Truly, at this time of year, we are in the best kind of company.

Happy holidays, happy solstice, happy New Year!