Nail clippings flying in my face! Ack!

My friend Dave sent me a link today to this article about signs posted in the NYC subway to encourage etiquette. Pretty freaking awesome, no? Can you imagine, some stranger’s nail clippings flying at you on your subway ride home?!! Yuck yuck yuck! I totally support this sign’s message! End the public nail clipping!

You can see a few more here at the site of the artist Jason Shelowitz. The “yes!” is encouraging! Glad so many people agree!


PS: The Kickstarter for Be Nice is going really REALLY well! Less than $30 to go!!! Still 2 months left, so who knows how far this might reach! Thanks to all of you, and keep spreading the word!
Not sure what I’m rambling about, click here or here.

Here’s your Hypocrite Certificate

There is one thing I can’t stand: people who complain over and over about things and then do nothing about it!

I have this problem sometimes too, but I acknowledge my hypocrisy so I can feel somehow slightly forgiven because I at least know I do it. Not the best excuse–I’m a work in progress–but I am trying. And usually I try to DO things to alleviate my frustrations by altering my behavior.

But man! People at work today. I just couldn’t handle it. It was a weird day in general, but the obvious hypocrisy of two particular women today was so silly and ridiculous that I was left speechless (quite a task)!

This afternoon, my facilities manager Carmen (name changed) was discussing how every workplace seems to deal with the same problem: people are slobs. They leave dirty dishes in the sink for days; they are too lazy to pick up a paper towel they dropped on the floor, or wipe off their crumbs from the break room table. They make disgusting messes in the bathroom and refuse to clean it up. The list goes on.

So here I am talking about this with Carmen and these two other ladies are also very passionately protesting such behavior: “Slobs!” “How inconsiderate.” “Savages!” After a few minutes of their complains (with which I heartily participated), I tried to interject my positive solution: “Well, I guess at some point though we need to move past our frustration and decide to model the proper behavior so other people feel pressured to do the same….” Before I could finish my thought, the two ladies were forcefully shaking their heads. Nope. I don’t think so! their faces said. They wouldn’t do that. “If everyone else breaks the rules, so can we,” they countered.

And that, my friends, is why so many people never find actual solutions to their problems.