Resolutions Part 2

My Fubby (“future-hubby”–I came up with that name for him after he said he didn’t like being called a fiance) reads the Drudge Report and found a wonderful article  posted in the Telegraph (UK) about being polite. In it the author discusses how it seems technology and a self-entitled, want-it-and-get-it-now attitude has caused people to feel that not only can they be impolite, but that they have the right to be rude.  Mr. Deacon (the author) wrote that technology has a way of cutting people off from their immediate environment and strangers they pass by. I feel very much the same way. These are some of the exact reasons that I created this blog.

One thing I found most interesting was the part where the author said that people would be rude, citing that they were being “honest,” and those who kept their negative opinions to themselves were considered “two-faced.” Since when is considering your opinion an opinion and keeping it to yourself “two-faced?”  Last I remember, the habit of keeping those things to yourself is an exemplary example of the motto, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

You can read the whole article here. I hope that Mr. Deacon’s recommendation to resolve to be a little more polite in 2009 reaches a great number of people.

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I paid my ten bucks too

I don’t go to the movies often. I’m a graduate student that’s trying to save my money as much as possible. But when I do, it drives me crazy to be in a theatre with inconsiderate people. They could be doing any number of things that are insensitive: talking on their cell phone, texting, whispering or talking to one another, laughing to be obnoxious, shouting out at the movie, wrestling around with their buddies, walking in and out of the theatre constantly, tossing food around, constantly wiggling in their seat, bringing children that are too young to a movie that makes them cry. Or like my friend who went to the movies last night, they could be instrumentally belching for their own amusement.

Seems to me that it is inconsiderate to behave in a way that is distracting to a group of people who paid money to do something. It is my hopes that people will remember to be more courteous and considerate in these situations so everyone can enjoy the thing they came to see.


And on an aside, comments and your own personal stories are totally welcome! I would love for this blog to become a forum for dialogue!


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