Lint-bunnies and plastic baggies

I live in an apartment complex with shared washers and dryers all over the complex.  Typically the laundry area is kept pretty tidy, even though they are in damp musty basements. But today as I began my six (long overdue) loads of laundry, I was taken aback by the room. Spills of laundry detergent on the washers, dryer sheets, plastic bags and lint-bunnies littered the floor.

Now, I’ll admit I forget to clean the lint filter from time to time, so I didn’t mind cleaning out someone else’s lint, but the large mess in the room prompted me to write a message about messes. It’s pretty simple: clean up after your own messes, wipe up your spills, pick up what you drop, and if you are a saint, tidy up a mess you didn’t even make.  I bet we’ll all make our moms proud.


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