Paying it forward

Have you ever seen that movie, “Pay It Forward” (with Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, and Haley Joel Osment)? Excellent film. I watched it years ago (it was released in 2000) and it was truly inspirational.  A very brief description of the film is that a young boy tries to change the world through direct action by creating the idea of “paying it forward.” He decides that he will do three nice things, and when those people thank him, he then asks them to pay it forward to three more people. This rule thus creates a domino effect of niceness.

I highly recommend that you watch this movie, or at least embrace the spirit of the idea. I think of it often, especially when nice things are done for me–such as my friends Heather and Derec helping me move last week. They were incredibly selfless of their time and their energy (especially when you consider the number of heavy books I have!). After something generous like that, I try to send that positivity out through my own actions–both to new people and to repay the people who were first kind to me. I like to think too, that the more positive actions you implement, the more positive deeds you will receive, so it is worthwhile twice over. Try it out and pay attention to how this change in behavior affects your day!


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