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I’ve said before I listen to podcasts at work. And nearly every day I make notes on articles to put on the blog, and usually life tends to get in the way of me writing more often. My ability to balance (and choose) my commitments is an ongoing struggle for me.

So today I want to give you some links to a few things I thought were particularly terrific. These things, I think, are self-explanatory why they are interesting/relevant so I’ll leave out my editorial and just give you the good stuff. Thanks for reading everyone. You are awesome.


Produce facility sets a sustainable standard in Chicago on Architect’s Newspaper online. (Would love to see more companies do this.)

A Ramadan Story of Two Faiths Bound in Friendship from NPR Story of the Day podcast/website (This one gave me hope [and goosebumps]. This is the way I think people should approach differences in religion. So cool.)

Image rights - Jennifer Hunold

The Economist’s Guide to Parenting on Freakonomics.com (Interesting take on parenting practices.)

An MBA with a focus on sustainability

Screen capture image from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute website: BGI.edu

I had the pleasure of watching this video on MSNBC today, and wanted to share it with you. The news feature profiles a couple who invested their entire retirement to start an MBA program (accredited!) that has a focus on sustainability. And their dream is working – their graduate students work at huge corporations. Imagining the impact this could potentially have on our future, it is inspiring and exciting. Let’s all hope it catches on.

Learn more about the Bainbridge Graduate Institute.

Watch the video.