Amicable Allegory #4: meat market

I had a great series of great days this last weekend. Everyone seemed to be in a pleasant mood. I went shopping for much-needed wardrobe items (something I don’t like to do for sure is shop), and even there I had a great time and was surrounded by lovely people, great conversations and manners, manners, manners! Yay!

What was really great was when I went to the grocery store that evening, and my fiance and I decided to buy some italian sausages from the case for dinner. The woman behind the counter was busy trying to get the meats put away, and I imagined it must have been a long day if she was finally at the end of it. So, when we had told her that we needed something from the case, I asked (smiling as always), “How are you?” and she just lit up and said, “I’m good, thank you!” And after a tiny little exchange of pleasantries, she said, “I sure wish all my customers were as pleasant as you are!” 

Isn’t that nice? What a wonderful reward for both of us–a smile for her and me, and we both felt appreciated for something we did!



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Say Nice Things Day

In honor of my new Facebook page for Be Nice., I have created an event called “Say Nice Things Day.” I scheduled it for February 3rd, 2009. I don’t know if there is already an official day for this sort of idea (I’m sure there probably is), but I think this is the kind of thing we should do everyday anyways!

Have you ever thought something nice, but didn’t say it? Perhaps you don’t know the person, or maybe you figure they don’t care. You may have thought they knew it already, or you got in a tiff recently and you didn’t want them to think they won because you said something nice. I figure that I’ve got something to offer in my kind thoughts, and it is the other person’s job to take it or leave it. But either way, I’ve done my job of passing it on, paying it forward. Saying kind words when you think them can make a tremendous difference in a person’s day. They probably didn’t know that they (fill in the blank). Sometimes a kind word manages to come my way right around the time that I was doubting that very thing. And then my confidence is boosted once again.

So, say those nice things you think. Share with others your kind observations, your positive outlooks. And if you don’t have anything to say, share with them your genuine, sunny smile. Sometimes, that is all we need.


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Nothing is better than free parking according to film writer/director Kurt Kuenne. This film short is FANTASTIC (<– click there)!!!  It is a comical, heart-warming tale of a parking validation attendant’s quest to see everyone he meets smile. The actors in this film are nothing short of terrific and the story is wonderful.

This video is worth the watch, and the first four minutes really show what a difference saying nice things can make in a person’s day. Enjoy!


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