Writing for a new blog

Hello Readers! Are you still there? It’s been two years since I have posted to Be Nice. and hope you’ve all been well!

Recently my amazing friend asked me to write for her blog, Yogatropic. I am excited to say my writer brain lifted her head from her lengthy nap and heartily took up the challenge! I will be bringing the same type of writing I did for Be Nice. to YT. Those posts will be shared here as well as links.

I hope you will check out the site for all the other incredible writers there. You can sign up for the Monthly Rewind and receive a summary of articles shared that month. Enjoy, and happy reading!

It’s been a while

Why hello, friends. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I don’t have a good excuse. I haven’t posted for some time, simply because the impulse hasn’t been there. I’ve been living a few questions, and enjoying living in (and working on) our first house. So… here are some pictures of the house. And a video, that makes me feel… happy. Hope it does for you, too.

Below is a project we did in our kitchen. 5/8 inch glass tile laid by hand over the course of one month, over 27 square feet of wall in the kitchen.

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America’s Mood Map by Time Science & Space

Seeing as how this blog began because of the very traits discussed in this article, it seems only appropriate to share this with you! Apparently, though we are both Iowans, my husband matches Colorado, and I match Georgia. When I did the full quiz (http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/), I found we were very similar – other than our outgoing nature. It’s fun – I hope you enjoy it!

You want to smile, so watch these videos

Videos that make you smile: linked below. But, first, a few thoughts interjected….

A woman said to me the other afternoon, “People think I’m a snob, but I just like to talk to the people I like. If I don’t like you, I won’t talk to you.” I couldn’t help but feel this preemptively dismissive attitude would do her a disservice. Minus the repeated unkind offenders, those who I believe I may not like have an amazing capacity to surprise me. So I try not to commit to my initial judgments.  Seems to me, this woman reduces that range of surprise in her life by only interacting with people she decides she likes. Actively seeking to widen the joy in my life by learning from others, I find the greatest rewards. Many of my favorite moments are when talking with random people at a restaurant, grocery store, or event. This is how I’ve made great friends and learned valuable lessons. Opening ourselves to new experiences and people will certainly bring us perspective, gratitude, and – often – joy.

Instead I tried to change the topic, “Some people think I’m too happy, but I think no matter how hard my life is there is always someone with an equal or worse struggle they are enduring. I have no reason to not be happy.” The woman heartily agreed and left my company. I shared this with my hair stylist yesterday and she wisely noted, “If everyone placed their problems in a pile, most of us would rush to grab ours back up in a second. There are lot of people suffering out there.” It is very true, which is why I try to be grateful for what and who I have in my life. And this, in turn, makes me happy.

It turns out enunciating our gratitude creates happiness within ourselves. (See the video below.) The act of interacting with others brings us understanding and growth. As a wise kid put it, “We are all teachers. We are all students.”

As you may have figured out, I am a big fan of SoulPancake and Kid President. If you don’t know them, I recommend you take a moment and watch one or all of the videos below. Then subscribe to the YouTube channel – you can do it with your Gmail address easily. These folks are doing great work, reaching a lot of people out there and making the world a happier place.

The videos below are marvelous. Be ready to be surprised, to smile and perhaps cry, and feel like your heart is soaring. Happy beautiful fall weekend, my friends. I am wishing you all the very best happiness.