What “Be Nice” is all about

I established this weblog to create a dialogue about social courtesy, or “being nice” as my mother calls it.

More and more often, I have noticed that the please’s and thank you’s, the cordial greetings and friendly goodbye’s, are disappearing from our daily interactions.  When I go to the grocery store, my smile is greeted with irritability or fear; when I drive, I notice that everyone is in a hurry, and manners fly out the window along with the awareness of the speed limit.  I found myself succumbing to this attitude, angry that no matter how hard I tried to be friendly with people they rarely responded in kind.  One day, I realized I had bankrupted my investment in social courtesy; I had lost hope that my niceness would be received positively. 

But shutting down the desire to be friendly in order to fit into the prevailing status quo is not the way I wanted to live. So I made two new goals: be friendly and courteous to those around me, and be more aware and verbally appreciative when others were friendly and courteous with me. 

Instantly, my days improved. My shopping trips were sprinkled with little pleasant exchanges in the aisle; I managed to make my dazed cashier chuckle and smile at me; I had a return on my “driving karma”–convenient parking spaces abound!

With this change in attitude and the return of my positive mentality came this project (or whatever you want to call it): to remind people that it is easy, and often-times rewarding, to be nice. It makes all those menial tasks–all those things you try to get through so you can go home and relax–a little more bearable and sometimes enlightening. 

You may have found this site through the pamphlet that I embroidered, photocopied, and distributed. Or you may have found this page from a link.  Please contribute your own positive stories of social interaction on the blog.

Please read the Disclaimer (in the Disclaimer category) and thank you for visiting this weblog!

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