Tell me your stories….

I would like this blog to be more than just a list of ways to be nice.

It would be wonderful to hear other people’s recollections on nice things people have done, or any other experiences/ideas they think are relevant.

Write them in as a comment, and I might end up re-posting them as entries (with due credit of course!).


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1 thought on “Tell me your stories….

  1. I thought I would tell you my be nice story :0)

    I was waiting to get an x-ray at the doctors office and to look around you know we are all waiting for x-rays for a reason and maybe we are not all feeling the best. As I waited to be called a technician came out and called for Ms. Smith (can’t remember the name) in almost an annoyed manner and Ms. Smith looked at the tech and said well I am certainly not going in that room with you until you smile. The technician did a 360 and looked at the patient and smiled and said I am sorry please come in. After the door closed another patient spoke up and said you know it is the little things in life that we are missing out on, like being nice to one another. It does not cost us a thing and if anything it is a gift to ourselves because who does not feel good after being nice to someone else?

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