Amicable Allegory #1: Bell ring-a-dingin’ at the mall

I like to give to charities when I am asked at grocery stores, banks and over the holidays. The other day, my boyfriend and I were leaving the mall after a movie, when I spotted a Salvation Army man, but he wasn’t ringing a bell.

I hopped over to the guy and said, “I’m gonna give you my money, but will you ring your bell a little for me?” He smiled and pulled it out of his pocket and said, “It’s not a very big bell,” and began to ring it. Just as I responded that it wasn’t that small, another man walked up and put many bills in the bucket and I said, “See! Small things can do great things!” and the stranger said, “That is right–if I hadn’t heard that bell, I wouldn’t have known you were over here!” The bell-ringer had a broad smile on his face and continued to ring his bell for the passersby.

I was thrilled. I thanked the bell-ringer for doing something so important over the holidays and I was on my way.


© Be Nice. Creator and Be Nice. (, 2008-2009.

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