The silver lining

I think I’ve mentioned that positivity goes hand-in-hand with niceness. And, encouraging niceness by keeping a positive mentality can help a person handle unfortunate circumstances in a more productive, proactive way.  AND I’ve got proof!

I just got back from walking about 20 blocks in 14 degree snowy weather, through 10 inches of snow.  My boyfriend and I were driving our Jeep in 4 wheel drive to our respective itineraries, when our car got stuck between gears and wouldn’t accelerate. Then, after we pulled over in a parking lot and tried to put it into Park, the engine made a grinding noise. Not good. After getting the car to a mechanic, we were told to just look at the transfer case would run $200, not including repairs/replacement parts (to the tune of up to a grand–but hopefully not). Then began our very chilly walk home.

So while I sit here letting my thighs thaw out from the icy air, I thought I would write a list of how things worked out in our favor:

  1. Our car broke down on a stretch of road that was luckily not heavily populated (unusual), right before a parking lot and close to many warm hotel lobbies for us to find a good mechanic. This is so much better than the alternative: say a county road or interstate where there are no houses or businesses for miles.
  2. We were able to put our car into overdrive (out of 4WD) and get to the mechanic without a tow: that saved us 100 bucks right off the bat.
  3. The mechanic was open late today and will likely get to our vehicle before he leaves. Regardless, he was able to fit us in by first-thing Monday morning.
  4. We have the means to pay for this (thank goodness we are money responsible).
  5. I was not alone when the car hiccupped. That would’ve been worse because I’m not as good with these things as my beloved is.
  6. Even though it is snowy, many sidewalks were clear and there was not any wind to make it nasty outside. Also, I was wearing my heavy-duty snow boots so my feet were toasty warm.
  7. We have amazing neighbors who upon hearing our disappointing news, offered to drive us back to the mechanic when we needed it (saves us on a walk or cab fare)!
  8. It was daylight out, and a on day when mechanics were open.

So there you have it. An unfortunate, upsetting, really sucky event (not to mention, an expensive one for two graduate students at the end of their education with a dubious economy yielding a relatively dismall job outlook). But, obviously someone was looking out for us, because given the mechanical issue, this could’ve been much much worse!

Indeed, in this season, we all can find things for which to be grateful!


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