ewww gross

Gum under tables:

Seriously? I thought people only did that in movies! Surely it could be placed in a tissue, wrapper or old receipt.

Stinky bathroom:

Hey, no one can help it if they have business to do that is less-than-pleasant. But, don’t forget: courtesy flush! 🙂


Unless you’re a kid and don’t know any better, put ’em in a tissue or something disposable, eh? And then actually dispose of it.

Farts in Public:

Some people have excusable medical reasons for their flatulence. I empathize with their situation. My suggestion is: find a place less populated and do it there (watch out for the ones that hang on as you walk around). And in my opinion, it’s better to let it remain anonymous if discovered than to blame it on an innocent bystander.

Unwashed bathroom hands:

There’s a whole post on that one: Soap and Water


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