Happy New Year! 

This is the time when everyone makes resolutions for their new year, but if they’re anything like me, those new goals don’t last long before they fly out the window.  So, what if we thought of it another way?

Why not make resolutions all the time? Why not change resolutions when  they could be better? And I’m not talking big resolutions. What if every day we resolved to return the kindness someone paid us? What if every day we resolved to take the higher road and be nice and kind even if others aren’t so nice to us? What if every time we were waited on at an office or a store, we were sincere when we asked how the person was doing? That could make a big difference in someone’s day, or in someone’s life. You just never know.

Instead of resolving  to do one large thing this new year, why not resolve to do little resolutions every day in 2009 so we can be better at a lot of things?  A little can go a long way. Tiny resolutions every day do many really great things:

  1. They keep us paying attention to the present moment, and help us to value our daily experiences.
  2. Daily resolutions encourage the celebration of  small incremental accomplishments.
  3. Little resolutions are more fluid and feel less overwhelming. Every day is a new day: if I messed up my resolution yesterday, I can still do it right today.
  4. Smaller resolutions  mean that we are doing numerous little things that typically have a cumulative effect (by positively influencing others overall, and by the accumulation of positive experiences for ourselves). Whereas one resolution might yield great results for only me, daily resolutions might bring positive effects for me and  others.

So, I could give up dessert every day and lose weight, and I could resolve to be courteous to strangers and have a positive effect every day on a huge number of people.

Here’s to new endeavors and accomplishments!


© Be Nice. Creator and Be Nice. (, 2008-2009.

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