Thank you, Dr. So-and-So

There is a forgotten habit that I find rather wonderful. I wonder how often people do it anymore (perhaps you could tell me)?  Here it is, plain and simple:

When you complete a meeting or an appointment, shake hands and say whatever you might say in your departure to the person with whom you met. And, if you like to make it more meaningful and personal, say their name. I like to do that with my doctors especially–I say, “Thank you Dr. So-and-So,”  and shake their hand.

I like to think that this little courtesy is a great way to show respect and to encourage their concern for you as well. I hope that my doctor will remember me a little better or care a little more than s/he might for any average patient when they attend to my concerns. Either way, I think that when you have as many relationships with people as health professionals do, it is nice to give them a little personal acknowledgment too.


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