Amicable Allegory #4: meat market

I had a great series of great days this last weekend. Everyone seemed to be in a pleasant mood. I went shopping for much-needed wardrobe items (something I don’t like to do for sure is shop), and even there I had a great time and was surrounded by lovely people, great conversations and manners, manners, manners! Yay!

What was really great was when I went to the grocery store that evening, and my fiance and I decided to buy some italian sausages from the case for dinner. The woman behind the counter was busy trying to get the meats put away, and I imagined it must have been a long day if she was finally at the end of it. So, when we had told her that we needed something from the case, I asked (smiling as always), “How are you?” and she just lit up and said, “I’m good, thank you!” And after a tiny little exchange of pleasantries, she said, “I sure wish all my customers were as pleasant as you are!” 

Isn’t that nice? What a wonderful reward for both of us–a smile for her and me, and we both felt appreciated for something we did!



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