Happy Go Lucky? DON’T keep it to yourself!

Now, perhaps I’m a little biased, but I think that positive attitudes are worth spreading along, and negative ones are worth keeping to ourselves. That’s where this post is going….

In my last post, I wrote about how great my weekend was spent shopping and running around doing errands. Truthfully, that day when I shopped was so surprisingly great (since I dislike shopping so much), my enthusiasm was hard to contain. I found myself apologizing for my energetic happiness that afternoon, as if it would overwhelm those adjacent to my joyfulness.

Thinking on that today, I asked myself, “Why should anyone contain/restrain such a positive emotion?”  Should we have to worry that our happiness or our excitedness might offend someone? I’d say, absolutely not. If it offends someone else, there is something seriously wrong with that person, and possibly society. Positive emotions should be shared and demonstrated with abandon. It makes me think of the movie, “Happy Go Lucky”, about a woman who is so happy all the time, and subsequently must learn to deal with situations where others can’t stand her demeanor, or interact with others who aren’t happy themselves. [Sometimes I feel like that. I’ve been told by people my whole life that I am too much (too happy, too enthusiastic, too positive, etc.), and really I’ve come to the point where I think, why would that ever be a bad thing?]

So here’s to those people who are happy and positive and nice. If you’ve got it in you, share it with abandon and don’t feel bad about it. And if you’ve got meanness, negativity, or crankiness in you–keep it to yourself and try to bask in the sunny face next to you. Give in and be happy. You’ll enjoy it, I promise!


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