Phones and planes don’t mix, man

I flew to LA today. I’m here right now. It’s sunny, and I like it (compared to the chill of the Northeast). And despite the fact that I am woozy from the cold medicine I’m on and the fact that the pressure in my left ear has not left me in the last six hours, I am going to venture into this post hoping it will make sense. (Cue breath of confidence. And…)

The flight attendant says not to use digital devices like cell phones until further notice. And I look over to my right five hours later and there’s a guy sitting there tapping away at his cell phone. Now yes, we had landed but they hadn’t said to us that these devices were okay since we were still roaming the runways looking for our gate. I mean, come on! I know it might not be harmless, but you never know, especially if 30 other folks have the same idea as this guy. What might this do to the equipment? Are we really this impatient? Wait five minutes!  Show some respect for simple, harmless, in-place-for-a-reason rules!

Okay, I’m done! Cheers!


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1 thought on “Phones and planes don’t mix, man

  1. I love your style, yes style, it’s almost a lost art to just follow the darn rules. So many of us feel like we are beyond restriction. Like the child in them being defiant. We are so very spoiled, so come on, Be NICE!

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