She needed a Be Nice. card

While I was in LA last week, I only encountered one real occurrence of rudeness. We were running late and needed to get our bags from the bellman of the hotel, who had unfortunately gone missing. I asked the concierge, James, if he could get our bags so we wouldn’t miss our flight back to the east coast. He left to get the key and when he asked my friend for our baggage ticket, a woman who was in town for the same conference as me stepped in and said, “I need my luggage.” James said he needed to get our bags first and she responded snidely,  “I’ve been waiting here longer than anyone else and should be waited on first. I’m already ridiculously late!”  She had not been waiting longer than us, but we both kept tight lipped as James bewilderingly left to get her bags. She left with a smile and without offering him a tip. Then he returned to get our things.

Though I was ready to give her one of my pamphlets, I decided to forgo the opportunity since it would have caused us further delay and further stress for James. Let’s hope she figures out how to be a little nicer next time.

When we get impatient, I think it is important to remember that we don’t know the situation of those beside us and should always consider that they might be in an even greater hurry than we happen to be. This was definitely the case that night and poor James (who was not the bellman in the first place) was put in an uncomfortable position because of it.


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