Driving Do’s and Don’ts Part 1

Driving etiquette is something I’m big on–probably because I was a city-transit bus driver for five years. So here are some tips about merging and making room for your fellow roadway-goers.

Tip #1:      Look before you merge. I’ve noticed a trend lately: people seem to be merging by sonar. Have you heard of side mirrors and blind spots, folks?  Use them and check them respectively!

Tip #2:      Driving comes with karma. Trust me. If someone is trying to get into your lane when it’s crowded, let them in. You would want the same courtesy if you were in their place (and in that case you would thank them with a wave, right?).  And a little positive karma couldn’t hurt when it’s your butt stuck in the other lane (or worse, stuck behind the car desperately trying to merge).

Tip #3:      Don’t be that guy.  I really really hate it when I’m stuck in a lane with a ton of other cars because the second lane is closed up ahead, and then some car comes speeding up in that soon-to-be closed lane just so they can be let in further ahead of everyone else. Yeah, she/he’s probably thinking “Suckers,” but everyone else is thinking, “Jerk.” (Or more realistically: “F*&k you, you F%*king D*&khead A%$hole!) “Wait your turn just like everyone else.

Tip #4:      Anticipatory and conscientious actions matter. Things like accelerating to the correct speed limit on an “on” ramp or making room for a semi truck when it is trying to merge are kind things to do and can increase roadway safety.


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