Little Tid-bits

I always feel extra special when someone remembers something about me I didn’t expect. It’s a wonderful way to connect with someone in a small, but sincere, way.

Remember little details about people and then followup on them later. This applies to everyone, from family to close friends, to acquaintances.  If my friend tells me about some concerns she has for her class, I try to ask about it later. Or if the same post office worker waits on me again, I might ask how his daughter is doing in art school.

Remembering things about people shows your interest in them and instantly bridges connections between both of you. It can transform mundane consumer interactions, it can brighten a day, it can overcome a previous negative interaction. Recalling the name of an acquaintance, the professional interests of a colleague’s partner, or the weekend goings-on of a friend or family member is a simple way to let someone know they are important to you–and worth remembering!


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