Funny honey

Another piece of wedding advice I received from my aunts and grandmothers, which I think is one of the most important elements to a healthy marriage is this: 

When times are stressful, when times get difficult or tense, have a little humor. Make a joke, mention a funny memory, point out the oddity of the situation–the irony. Have a little fun with each other–something you can count on to lighten the mood. Humor can heal all sorts of wounds, hurts, and anxieties.

On a cautious note, do remember to whom you are speaking. You wouldn’t want to pull a Sex and the City moment, where Charlotte can’t conceive a baby and her husband buys her a cardboard baby cut out as a joke. Probably not the best idea. Sometimes a well-meant joke can be taken as an insult or a slap in the face and worsen the experience.

Know your situation, know your partner, and know what’s appropriate. But know that humor can diffuse many emotional bombs–so it’s always worth a try!


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