Hug freely

Hugging my sister enthusiastically when she visited NY

I wanted to share with you a delightful post by one of my favorite new (to me) bloggers, Girl on the Contrary. It’s all about hugs, and is linked below. I am a huge fan of hugging–it’s up there with kissing, compliments, dancing, and smiling. Yup, I think those are my top 5 stellar things to give and get. I’ll get a hug just about any way my friends/family want to give it. In fact, I hug my sister and mom regularly even though they live in the midwest and I live on the east coast. How? Well, sometimes at the end of a particularly touching phone conversation, we’ll do a “mental hug” where we both for a few seconds imagine we are hugging each other (basically replaying a memory of hugging in my mind). And it works. I always feel hugged, held, comforted, loved. It’s awesome.

There is a whole part of the art world that designates an act as a work of art. And there have been artists who HUG as their work of art. Of course I think this is fabulous, so here is a great video about the group Praxis and the piece they did for a previous Whitney Biennial exhibition:

Hugs as art

And another totally awesome video:

HUGS!!! and More Hugs! — check out the Free Hugs Campaign — it’s awesome and gives me warm fuzzies.

So here’s a challenge for you: hug someone every day (pets count–and if you’re a hermit, pillows do too). For some it might be easy, while for others maybe they’re a bit out of practice? I imagine it’s like riding a bike: a little uncomfortable at first, but eventually as natural as walking down the street! So, if you’re out of practice, give it a shot. It’ll get better and then I bet you’ll be like Girl on the Contrary–just longing to hug everyone! And maybe you’ll even declare your own free hug campaign in your town! Cheers!


Here’s the blog about hugs from Girl on the Contrary:

Do You Ever Want to Hug Strangers? I Do. I really do want to hug strangers sometimes. Like when I see someone walking by themselves without a smile, I just want to hug them. They probably need a hug. Or if I notice someone being really mean to someone else I just want to grab them both into a big hug and just let the love flow through me to them. If I acted on this impulse I am 100% sure I could single-handedly create world peace. Or get murdered. Is this odd? People seem to think this … Read More

via Girl on the Contrary

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