Nail clippings flying in my face! Ack!

My friend Dave sent me a link today to this article about signs posted in the NYC subway to encourage etiquette. Pretty freaking awesome, no? Can you imagine, some stranger’s nail clippings flying at you on your subway ride home?!! Yuck yuck yuck! I totally support this sign’s message! End the public nail clipping!

You can see a few more here at the site of the artist Jason Shelowitz. The “yes!” is encouraging! Glad so many people agree!


PS: The Kickstarter for Be Nice is going really REALLY well! Less than $30 to go!!! Still 2 months left, so who knows how far this might reach! Thanks to all of you, and keep spreading the word!
Not sure what I’m rambling about, click here or here.

3 thoughts on “Nail clippings flying in my face! Ack!

  1. A few years ago when I drove bus in Iowa City, IA I had a passenger who got on my bus, sat right up front and took out his nail clippers… the other passengers were in wide-eyed discust, but not one of them said a word… So I piped up and said, “Excuse me Sir, but personal hygene should be… uhm, personal, I really need you to not clip your nails here on the bus… thank you…” The guy just looked at me with righteous indignation, but with a little under the breath mumbling he put away the clippers… people…

    • LOL! Nathan that is what I love about you, because almost no one else could find a nice way of telling a dude to put the clippers away! You’re awesome!….. Could you imagine walking onto a bus, putting down a stool and then proceeding to give someone a buzz cut right there while the bus was driving along? That would be so ridiculous, I think I would enjoy it too much to say a word! 🙂

  2. I am an accountant and my previous boss would clip his nails in his office during the day. The first time I heard it I stood up to ask my co-worker if I was really hearing what I thought. He agreed that our boss must have been clipping his nails at work! I couldn’t believe it – especially for his position in such a professional business. But thankfully the clippings were only in his office, so I decided not to be overly disgusted and instead just laugh. Thereafter, every time I was working and started hearing a random “clip”….”clip”… I would stand up and look at my co-worker and we would both chuckle.

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