Brooklyn students embroider their intentions: Part 1

Be brave when cooking, by Jamilabelah

Jamilabelah wrote, “Viewers will see that I want to learn how to cook—and that I like to think creatively. I chose the message, ‘Be Brave When Cooking,’ because I am scared of fire and knives. I followed all of the instructions. I stitched the number line to guide me and then removed it at the end to make the piece look neater. I was really determined to complete this project and successfully did so.”

I need this one in my kitchen too! I always go by a recipe rather than experimenting in the kitchen–it’s something I would like to change too. Good luck Jamilabelah!

Be strong, by Noelio

This is something I imagine a lot of people say to themselves. I hope that everyone finds that eventually they can take a break from “being strong” and just coast on the good and stress-free parts of their lives. Nicely done Noelio!

Be Nice, by Rico

Rico puts it simple, “I made this to remind myself to be nice. That’s my story.” Not a bad story Rico! Terrific work!

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