Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 2

Don't be a Follower, by Jada G.

I like the way this piece has the capital letters outlined to add emphasis. My husband wondered if Jada cleverly added a flower because its spelling and sound is so close to “follower.”  Very nicely done Jada!

Focus, by Matthew

Matthew wrote: “From this piece, people will certainly see that I had trouble focusing. I’ve improved in this area.”

I would beg to differ, Matthew! It takes a lot of focus to do a piece like this (especially with the different colors on every letter)! It is obvious you are mastering that skill.

In Spanish, translates to "Share your thoughts and ideas.", by Jorge

Jorge wrote, “I think the viewers can learn about me from looking at my cross stitch because my message is Share Ideas—in Spanish. Viewers might think I am shy and I don’t like to share my ideas. It’s true and I need to improve in this area.”

So many people will benefit by hearing another point of view–I hope Jorge achieves his goal!

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