Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 3

In Gaelic, translates to "Patience," by Patty Ann

“When we were coming up with a message I couldn’t think of one and got really impatient. I decided to cross-stitch ‘Patience.’ After I figured that out I decided to cross-stitch my message in Gaelic, since my family is Irish.”

What a great idea. I bet your family really likes the tribute to your heritage. Nicely done, Patty Ann!

Say Please, by Sam

“Viewers can learn that I don’t have the best manners. I followed my pattern through out the whole cross-stitch. The number line helped me so much. Without it, it would have taken me twice as long. My attitude changed a little. I also saw it as a message to other people — to show respect.”

We could all take a lesson from Sam, don’t you think? Keep up the good work Sam!:-)

Love life, by Olivia

Olivia wrote, “That may seem ‘blah’ and not creative but when I thought about it, life in middle school wasn’t going too well. I was hurt by gossip and I needed re-assurance that everything was okay. I want to sew it on a pillow so that when I’m sad it would be there, standing out: Love Life. ”

Historically embroidery was used to tell stories or to embody certain ideals in its phrasing. Olivia’s idea to put this on a pillow for her to see is really true to that history! Wonderful idea Olivia!

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