Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 5

In Japanese, translates to "Love everyone," by Kyra

Kyra wrote: “I really like Japanese culture because I am a quarter Japanese on my dad’s side. I chose not to use a number line to challenge myself and I think I succeeded. I think I’ve learned my message now.”

I’m impressed that she tried to challenge herself by not using a number line! It was accomplished beautifully!

Don't Judge! by Tamar

Tamar wrote: “I always say, ‘Don’t be judgmental.’ Once when I was talking to Patty Ann, I said, ‘Not to be judgmental or anything like that.’ Of course at the time I had just finished the ‘judge’ in my Aida cloth. We started cracking up. I haven’t said that since! Ya!”

Your story is hilarious Tamar! Nice work. I like the shadows on the letters–very creative!

Be Hype and Creative, by Naomi

This is a pretty great design–I can tell Naomi put a lot of work and inspiration into her project!

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