Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 6

In symbols: Be positive, by Sophie

Sophie wrote: “I can sometimes be negative. I got more interested in the project as it went on. I made a number line, but I didn’t use it. I drew out my plan on the back of the Aida cloth.”

It can be hard to be positive all the time, but the important thing is to try. Looking on the bright side is a good quality to have. I really enjoyed the symbols on this piece–the bumble bee was really nicely done!

Don't be a hater, by Alyssa

I totally agree with Alyssa. We should all be more accepting of others and celebrate their successes rather than dislike them or dismiss their achievements. Well sewn!

In Hebrew, translates to "Forgive mistakes!" by Hannah

This is a lovely image, and very beautiful script. I enjoy the variation in color and the way Hannah reversed the colors in the heart designs. I like to think we should not just forgive others’ mistakes, but our own errors as well!

1 thought on “Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 6

  1. I love all of these. You are a huge inspiration! The students did a fantastic job coming up with statements and addressing them visually. Awesome, awesome.

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