Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 7

Don't be late! by Kiara

Kiara wrote: “Viewers can learn that at one point I was frequently late to school and other things. I followed my pattern but I didn’t make a number line. The irony about this piece is while I’ve stopped being late to school, I was late completing this project.”

That is truly ironic! Don’t forget to give yourself credit though Kiara–being on time to school regularly is a great achievement, and you did finish the project, which is excellent!

Leader not a follower, by Avery

This is really well done, and a great attitude to have. Not following others and being true to yourself is a very brave thing to do! I can’t wait to see what Avery does in the future!

Smile, by Ariella

Ariella wrote: “When I used to walk in the art room, there was a clear sign I didn’t want to be there. I had completely closed my mind and didn’t want to do anything. I remember needing a lot of extra help to actually learn how to cross stitch. Now, reflecting on my project, I realize that although it might not have seemed like I was positive and persistent — I actually was. I asked for extra help instead of just staring at the ceiling with my fake cry. I deserve to have a grin on my face when I look back at everything I have done and how far I have come. That’s why MY MESSAGE IS ‘SMILE.’  ”

That is awesome Ariella! You totally deserve to be smiling–this is a great piece. AND cross stitch is hard, so everyone should feel extra good about what they’ve accomplished!

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