Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 8

Dogs and Turtles Don't Get Along, by Kaya

I loved the edging and colors on this piece–they are really well coordinated! And the message is very funny–I wonder what story goes with this phrase? Very interesting Kaya!

Don't be stupid, by Joshua

Joshua wrote: “Sometimes I do stupid things that aren’t the right thing to do. So, I stitched ‘Don’t Be Stupid,’ because I don’t want to get in trouble nor do stupid things for others and myself. I want to be me—and a good person at the same time. I started my cross-stitching and the back looked horrible and the letters weren’t in the right place. My mom saw it and she took the whole thing out. I was mad but it paid off. She helped me a lot.”

It’s funny Joshua, my first embroideries looked pretty awful too on the back, and cross stitching to a pattern isn’t easy! Once I had to redo a section 3 times (it took me 10 hours to do a little 1 x 1 inch area!), but in the end it was worth it. And sometimes our “mistakes” end up really working out in the end. I’m glad you like the result of your project, and I like your story–especially the part where you want to be good and you. It’s easy to feel like we need to change everything about ourselves when we do something silly (happens to me ALL the time), but I like that you see the value in who you are. Nice work!

Keep calm, by Anne

“Viewers can learn that I get mad at my sister and parents. I know I should stay calm but I find it hard. I am a perfectionist. Some might notice this in my stitching. I used cool colors to make my project look calm. I think the message I chose was a good message for me—and that a lot of people have agreed. : ) ”

This is a really well done piece Anne, I can see why you’re proud of it! It takes a lot of patience and calm to do cross-stitch, so I bet you are well on your way to reaching your goal! 😉

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