Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 9

In Arabic, translates to "Wash away your sins." by Aishah

Aishah wrote: “What viewers can learn about me from my cross-stitch is that it took me 3 tries to just start it. I followed my pattern. I had to erase and redraw it about 80 times just to make it correct. I made a number line to help me with counting it helped me so it would be easier. I was 2 weeks behind everyone but it’s for the good of it. My attitude changed while doing this because at first I kept saying, ‘I can’t. It’s too hard.’ But, then [my teacher*] would encourage me, like always, and helped me a lot. Without [Ms. Anita*] I didn’t think I could do it. I want to thank [my teacher*]  for helping me. Everyone in the class helped out, encouraged me to do this and it looks beautiful.”

Aishah this turned out beautifully! You should be so proud of your achievement! Your perseverance and dedication is incredibly admirable.

(*Name removed to keep the students and teacher private.)

Never give up, by Gary

Gary wrote: “I chose this message because usually, when I don’t understand something, I give up (like this project). But when I keep at it, I get better and better. That is what happened when I did my cross-stitching.”

Nice job Gary! Your dedication really paid off–this turned out marvelously!

Use you voice! Love. by Emily

“People can learn that I need to use my voice more often. I didn’t make a number line because I thought that I really didn’t need it. My attitude changed because now in all of my classes I’m really starting to talk more!”

Nice work Emily! This turned out great, and the colors are very nicely coordinated! I’m sure your teachers are excited to hear your input in class–keep it up. Well done!

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 9

  1. I think this project is a wonderful thing to be doing with young people. Will you please tell them that I think they’re all great! I can’t pick out a ‘favourite’ one, as I think they’ve all got their good bits! I love the written comments by each of them, too – it gives a lot more understanding as to why they chose the phrase that they did.

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