Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 10

In Spanish, translates to "The Time is Now," by Isoke

“From my cross stitch personal message project, viewers can learn that I’m working on my time management. As I continued with my project I made additions to my pattern and decided to keep my number line on my aida cloth. My number line helped me with my letters especially because it was in Spanish. Working on this helped me change the way I think about time. I am more constant with my time now.”

This is great Isoke! Time management is a skill everyone has to learn at some point, especially for college. You will be very well-practiced by the time you get to college someday (what an advantage that will be, trust me!)!  Well done! 🙂

Follow your dream, by Ruby

This is a fantastic affirmation Ruby–and it is a beautiful piece of work too! I followed my dream, and haven’t regretted it yet! 🙂 Nice work!

Live 'n' Learn, by Wells

This looks great Wells! Wonderful job, and a great motto, too!

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