Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 13

Don't Curse! by Kye

Kye wrote: “Viewers can learn that I may have a little bit of a cursing problem. That is why my message says, ‘Don’t Curse.’ I didn’t use a number line because it made things more difficult for me. My message is something I would like to be able to achieve.”

I can totally relate to this one Kye! I think a lot of people struggle to avoid cursing, and I’m definitely one of them! Awesome job on your piece, it looks wonderful!

Focus, by Asa

“Viewers can tell many things about me by my cross-stitching. They can tell I need to focus, because I wrote FOCUS. On the one I thought was the best I didn’t use a number line.”

It takes a tremendous amount of focus to do cross stitch Asa, and you did a great job, so I think you’re well on your way to achieving your goal! Well done!

Don't be loud! by Lily

“I am loud and that was something I felt I needed to work on (out of other “flaws”).”

I bet you could fill a whole sheet with things about you that are great characteristics, too, Lily. Like, a fantastic new cross-stitcher! Awesome work!

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