Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 14

You are a genius, by Paulina

Paulina wrote: “Viewers can see that I see myself as a genius because that is the message, and they might also see that I see others as geniuses, too. I like to do art that’s why I put in that whole extra thing below the letters.”

Your hard work paid off Paulina, this looks terrific! My husband and I especially enjoyed the image at the bottom.

A good defense is a good offense, by Selwyn

Selwyn wrote: “Viewers can learn how I struggled through the cross-stitching to get to where I am now. I followed my pattern and how I wanted it to look. I didn’t need a number line to help me. My attitude changed while working on this project from, ‘This is a waste of time,’ to, ‘This is awesome!’  ”

This is really nicely done Selwyn! I am so glad you enjoyed the project–your effort totally paid off. The piece turned out splendidly!

An interesting creation, by Kaya

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