Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 15

Be a hard worker! by Jackie

Anyone who completes a cross-stitch project like this for the first time is definitely a hard worker. Keep it up Jackie!

Be with the flow, by Michael

“I always had trouble focusing in class. So I decided to do this message to remind me to be with the flow of the class. I made a number line. I ended up really liking it in the end.”

This turned out really great Michael! Your border is a nice addition to the image, too. Good luck with your goal, I bet you’ll have it done in no-time!

Text code, by Elijah

Elijah wrote: “That things look really good,” probably in answer to the question, “What have you learned from this project.” I’m not sure that my interpretation is 100% correct, but this piece looks really nice so I’ll assume that is it! Good job Elijah!

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