Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 16

In Korean, translates to "Eat less junk." by Nina

“My Aida cloth project is in Korean and it says, ‘Eat Less Junk.’ I’ve wanted to eat healthier for a while but when I started working on this I actually began to follow my message. It took a lot of persistence and hard work to make the Aida cloth because it would get knotted and the needle would get stuck. I persisted to the end though and achieved my goal. Now I can officially say that I’m eating healthier. It’s not about weight it’s about being a strong, healthy person and achieving my goals.”

Nina, you have a great attitude and should be really proud of yourself! I can tell you from experience that when I started to eat healthier, I felt a lot more confident because I was achieving my goal. Your focus on being healthy is really admirable. And your piece looks marvelous!

Never say never, by Jessica O

“Viewers can learn that I never gave up on my cross-stitching. I followed my pattern very well. I didn’t need the number line because I had an imaginary one. I used graph paper. I loved doing the project from beginning to end.”

I’m so glad you liked the project Jessica–it looks great! I hope you keep cross stitching if it’s something you continue to enjoy!

Neat handwriting, by Sebastian

Sebastian wrote: “Viewers can learn from my personal message that I need to work on my handwriting. I worked on 14 count cloth so I had to split all the threads. It was challenging. My project shows how my technique worked out, and how it helped me. One thing viewers cannot see is that the back of my project looks just as neat as the front. : ) ”

Sebastian this looks great and you are right: splitting threads is trying on one’s patience sometimes. My husband loves the back of my embroideries too–the “map” the threads make as they overlap and criss-cross each other is really beautiful! I’m glad you liked the outcome of your project.

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn students embroider their ideas: Part 16

  1. I love reading all this… it is so cool to hear other peoples ideas, thoughts, reasonings, and opinions. I just really enjoy people being real and this is REAL… you all have done awesome work on this whole project! I look forward to more of it all!!
    Tonya Hunold

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