Yes S.I.R.!

Hey everybody! I recently took out an ad about Be Nice. on a fabulous new internet radio station: S.I.R.  and I do believe the blog will be having some new visitors sometime soon!

Hello S.I.R. listeners!

Welcome to Be Nice.! So glad to have you here. Hang around, check it out! The pages at the top are full of the origins of this project. Subscribe at the right and you’ll get posts right in your email or on your Twitter/Facebook account!

It might seem ironic for a blog on civility and “niceness” to be a fan of the boundary-pushing stories and oeuvre of the fabulous Kevin Smith, but think again! This ain’t the 1950s! (I mean, McCarthyism and Jim Crow laws weren’t very nice — we probably shouldn’t idolize all of the 50s….) Being nice isn’t about the suppression of language or ideas. Being nice is about your intent, how your actions and thoughts affect others, and about being forthright and sincere. And that is what Kevin Smith and his friends do. In my opinion, their candid conversations make this world a better place!

Swearing and candid talks on sex, excrement, relationships and society are never out of reach of the Be Nice. project (and if you have spoken with me personally, you know it’s not out of reach for me either)! And while this blog also hits on more sober topics in life, you can always find what you need when you ask for it!

So! To my loyal readers and my new readers:


Send me your questions!
What topics do you want me to address?
What issues make you sweat? Let’s dissect them here?!
Want to weigh in on a topic? Send me your stories and I’ll throw my two cents in (I know, cheap, but I’m a broke artist so it’s all you get!)!
Need some perspective from a totally unqualified somebody? I’m your girl!

Send me your letters (via the “Contact” page above) or comment to your heart’s delight on my blog! I want to hear from YOU!

Special thanks go to S.I.R. for giving me the opportunity to share my project with their listeners. Thanks!

16 thoughts on “Yes S.I.R.!

  1. I wanna spread some shit etiquette!

    I just started reading, after hearing about your site on SIR, and so far, I love it. Love this concept.

  2. Well I learned how to piss and shit. But A book to help other would be so great to have!
    I want to spread the shitting etiquette word!
    Great work!

  3. I want to spread poop everywhere….. Is that right? Just heard the ad on SIR 🙂

    Looking forward to reading some posts after work today.

  4. I heard about your site from S.I.R. and I think it’s awesome! Too many times people think certain topics are taboo to talk about but have no problems complaining when people are doing that thing wrong. I think this is a great outlet to make people more aware of common courtesies that don’t seem as common anymore. =o)

  5. Heard the ad on SIR, of course. I have to say I am intrigued by this. Anyway, I want to spread some shit eitiquette.

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