45,000 bucks

I was thinking around a few topics for this week’s post, when I read a story that is nothing short of amazing. I just had to share it with you! This is the sort of thing that makes you feel good all day!

Josh Ferrin from Utah was tinkering in his garage shortly after taking possession of his new house when he stumbled on something odd. He noticed an access panel in his garage ceiling with a piece of carpet hanging from it. Thinking it could be a neat play area for his two kids, he climbed up a ladder and peered into the space. There Ferrin found eight boxes filled with rolls of dollar bills. After a minor moment of shock, Ferrin swiftly took the loot to his family to begin the three-hour process of counting the money.

Of course Ferrin thought of the number of ways he could use such a chunk of money – this is the kind of discovery that could change lives! But he and his wife opted for the purest of possible options: they would return the money to the right hands. And they did, giving the bags of money that former owner Arnold Bangerter had been saving for a decade to his surviving children, who had all been raised in that house.

Though Ferrin has yet to be formally thanked by Bangerter’s kids, he seems unphased according to the ABC News article by Michael Murray.

“I’m an artist and an author, so I know what it’s like to work on something for a long time and to want to see it come to fruition,” Ferrin explained. “I felt like I got to peek into this guy’s life and to write a chapter in his life that he didn’t get to see completed in his own time. I get to be a part of this man’s life, and that’s cool.”

(You can read the article from which I drew the information here.)

What did I tell you? Pretty great!


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