Fun little story

Fun little story that made my week:

I distribute my pamphlets through personal connection. In other words, I don’t send out my stuff randomly or without a request. I like to leave them in businesses I frequent, or in the hands of people I randomly meet.

Apparently the Poo pamphlet wandered into my pal Georgia’s path through one of these random drop off’s. I had left a stack of the brochures in a local liquor store (gotta have my wine!) for people to enjoy. Georgia’s new roomie – who doesn’t know me or my work – found the pamphlet and brought it home to grace their toilet for those bored, reading-prone bathroom moments! Georgia wrote, “So, enjoyed it again the second time within its new context.” How appropriate!


Hope you are having a lovely week!

3 thoughts on “Fun little story

  1. I just received the pamphlets. Thank you so much! Everyone at work has loved them and found them hilarious as we have several offenders who use the restrooms.

    • I’m so glad!!

      It was offenders at one of my jobs that gave me so much material for the pamphlet in the first place actually! Apparently many offices could use some etiquette lessons. 🙂


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